You can get the thermal profile data easily and automatically by our thermal profiling system.|case study
Anyone can easily perform thermal profiling work which is one of the most troublesome for BGA rework.

Although it is considered the thermal profiling work for reflow oven would be fairly difficult, it is often considered to be hard for rework equipment as well.

In recent years, some rework machines with so-called "auto profiling function", can not be obtained the correct thermal profile data without any repeatedly trial works to get the thermal data.

To the contrary, you can get the ideal profile data so easily and automatically by the auto profiling function of the MS9000SE.
Moreover, since it is possible to change the setting conditions even while getting the profile results, it is very flexible and useful to rework the PCBs which are relatively higher degree of difficulty.

Thermal profiling work is a kind of the time-consuming process, howevery many customers have already achieved the reduction of working time by our auto profiling function.